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Total War: Warhammer has the best name for new DLC

Blood and gore DLC are a staple of the Total War franchise, but this time it has an epic name and some insane animations.

Evil Geniuses and Team Secret are going to TI6

Don’t worry, EG and Team Secret will be attending TI6 after winning the NA and EU Regional Qualifiers respectively.

That Captain America twist finally makes sense now

Did that revelation in the pages of Captain America make any sense last month? At least issue deux of his new series fills in the gaps.

In Other News – 30 January 2016

In Other News: Video Games used the weirdest marketing techniques, Vivendi is always the bad guy, and id somehow thinks PC exclusivity will eliminate excuses. Here’s the news we didn’t post today because the guys were too busy getting brain bleach after I traumatized them.

Cayne looks poised to tell a creepier Stasis story, for free

It’s time to buy some new pants – Cayne is poised to make you soil yours. At least you can afford new undies, though, with the standalone STASIS chapter releasing for free.

Sony Xperia XA Review – The law of averages

Sony’s mid-range Xperia XA doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it excels at being alright.

Four teams have claimed their spot at the ESWC South African LAN Finals

We’ve reached the final stages of the Online portion of the ESWC Official South African Qualifiers. The action continues tonight, and will conclude on Sunday.

Even 2K is leaking the BioShock Collection now [Update: It’s Official!]

The existence of The BioShock Collection is so certain now, that even 2K is leaking out images

Preacher is getting a second season on TV

Put on your Sunday best, because Jesse Custer and his congregation will be back for a second season of Preacher.

We review TMNT: Out of the Shadows – The turtles rise from the shadows of their predecessor

The plot is at times quite ludicrous, the stupidity of the henchmen almost unnerving and much of the dialogue cheesy, but then so was the cartoon show. If you loved the original cartoons, you are likely to enjoy this. Turtle power is most certainly alive in this one.

Free Lives is hosting a Game Jam, with R15 000 up for grabs

Does making a game in 48 hours sound fun? Well it should, and Free Lives is hosting one massive game jam locally next week

MSI and ASUS are teasing their own custom RX 480 cards

Not a big fan of the dimpled reference AMD RX 480 design? AIB vendor’s will soon have their own custom cards available.

New pocket monsters leak ahead of tomorrow’s Pokémon Sun and Moon reveal

Looks like Nintendo’s Pokémon Sun and Moon announcement for tomorrow arrived a little early.

We review The BFG – A big, friendly crowd-pleaser

With its pacing and scripting issues, I highly doubt it will ever attain the timeless status of its source material. But despite those foibles, this is still very much Triple-A all-ages filmmaking filled with heaps of heart and plenty of Dahl’s brilliantly preposterous dialogue. And that should lead to a big friendly time at the movies for the whole family.

Dead Rising 4 is dropping the timer system so that it can be fun for everyone

No more worrying about the clock counting down in Dead Rising 4, as Capcom is ditching deadlines in the fourth zombie apocalypse.