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Friday the 13th is returning for a more violent and fresh take on Jason

It’s been eight years since Jason Voorhees last made Friday the 13th a day to remember, but he’s finally returning to Crystal Lake.

Nintendo introduces The Splatoon Showdown Series

Let the Splatoon eSports craze begin!

The latest Humble Bundle is filled with gaming gems

For just $12 (or more), you can get the entire Humble Gems Bundle. It contains seven games that normally cost a whopping $115 in total!

In Other News – 26 October 2016

In Other News: Watch Dogs 2 pokes fun at scientology, Resident Evil brands some makeup for Halloween and this Moogle gameplay trailer is a decoy. Here’s the news we did and didn’t post today because we were too busy imagining the egotistical bundle.

PSA: Downloading community creations could corrupt your WWE2k17 saves

User created arenas, characters and championships could put your WWE2k17 saves at risk.

Civilization VI review – vincit qui patitur

Civilization VI is by far the best installment the franchise has seen to date, and it’s all because the game is more logical and intuitive.

Nintendo expects to ship a conservative 2 million Switch units at launch

Nintendo has conservative expectations for their new Switch console, despite overwhelming praise after the reveal last week.

Pokémon Sun and Moon has intentionally silly monster designs

Some people love the new silly designs for pocket monsters in Pokémon Sun and Moon, other’s don’t. But they’re all done on purpose.

Season 3 of competitive Overwatch will kick off in December with some behind-the-scene adjustments

My first season of competitive Overwatch was an outright train wreck. Sure,...

Rockstar clamps down on GTA Online cheaters, purges trillions in in-game cash

Rockstar have targeted GTA Online cheaters again, wiping trillions of in-game dollars from the online space

Batman: Return to Arkham Review – Arkham Pity

Batman: Return to Arkham may hold up in the gameplay department, but its mixed bag of visuals are something else entirely.

Return to Karazhan with WoW’s Patch 7.1

It’s time to double up your play time in World of Warcraft as the we Return to Karazhan for Patch 7.1.

Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 – Shenron wish guide

Wondering what to wish for in Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 when you summon the almighty Shenron? We’ve got you covered.

Infinite Warfare’s live action trailer reminds us that games can be great escapism

Remember when games were about fun and escapism? They still are – and Cal of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s reminds you of that

Blizzard have started teasing the next expansion for Hearthstone

Hearthstone is due for new content soon. In the run up to BlizzCon, Blizzard have dropped some teasers.